Whitney Port Started Interning at DVF Yesterday?

Whitney Port Photo: Getty Images

Last week a rumor surfaced that Whitney Port was leaving People's Revolution to do in-house PR for Diane Von Furstenberg and she'd be bringing the cameras with her. And this afternoon, NYU OTR is reporting she started at DVF yesterday. Not only that, the house reportedly hired one of Whitney's "friends" too. Before your panties get any more twisted by these reality-TV hiring practices, you can chillax a bit because NYU OTR says she's just been hired as a PR-department intern (can't she grow into her big-girl pants already?). This report could very well be true, as PopSugar has posted a slew of photos of Whitney lollygagging outside the DVF offices with an unshaven wildemanbeast creature with a plaid shirt tied around his waist like it's 1989 or something. Whitney: If you're going to work at DVF, leave your worst accessories at home, mkay? Jeez. Interns.

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