Whitney Port to Go to Diane Von Furstenberg? And Bring Cameras With Her?!

Yes, Whitney. We can't believe it either! Photo: Courtesy of MTV

Earlier we reported a rumor surfaced that Whitney Port would leave People's Revolution during this season of The Hills to do in-house PR at another fashion label. Fashionista is now reporting rumor has it she's going to Diane Von Furstenberg. What? YES. The amazingly lovely DVF, for which our hearting knows no bounds.

Now DVF reps told Fashionista they "can't confirm" anything. But! The plot thickens: Cut spies have recently seen reality-TV producers over at the DVF office. It seems they're in negotiations to appear in some reality show or other. When we heard DVF was going to be on reality TV, we could scarcely believe it. But we never, ever would have imagined it was The Hills. Or maybe it's Whitney's new spinoff show? Either way, we say BRING IT. We wouldn't mind seeing how all those fabulous clothes get made.

Whitney Port to Leave People's Revolution; Going to DVF?! [Fashionista]
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