Who Will Save the Tiny Women Stuck in Wonderbra’s Mosaic Cleavage?

We dare you to count the number of breasts in this picture. Photo: Wonderbra.com

Wonderbra's new ad/gimmick for their plus-size bras is an attention-getter. See that pic above? There's not just one woman in up there. Oh no, there are hundreds of little tiny women and thousands of little boobs making up this billboard mosaic for the brand. And it's causing a ruckus over in London, where the billboard reportedly stopped traffic, while gawkers stop to check out the individual shots (which are also available online). The mosaic itself is spot-on, nailing the luscious-lady-who-smiles-at-her-own-boobs look (what, you don't do that every day?). We just feel bad for all the women who got stuck in the cleavage. Gosh, we'd hate to be posing in our bra on a billboard in the first place, but to be the girls posing in a bra and only to land in the cleavage — where no one can really see you — they're probably pissed. —Sharon Clott

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