Adorable Ryan Lochte Wants to Be a Fashion Designer


As you know, Ryan Lochte was a presence at Fashion Week. What you may not know? He says he wants "to be a designer." Or so he told us at a screening of Appaloosa the other day. "I’m really into fashion, and I’m trying to slowly get out of swimming." He’s been designing swimsuits for Speedo, his sponsor, and while he plans to compete in at least one more Olympics, he says he’s been suggesting ideas to other designers. "I’m here meeting people, getting into that crowd, studying, and getting creative," he said. He doesn’t yet have a name for his nascent fashion line, but he knows what he wants it to look like. "I want it to be business and dressy, but also skater," he explained. "It’s going to be a mix of dressy, punk, rapper, surfer, and skateboarder."