After the Storm: Tory Burch Survived Deluge by Going Barefoot


Though Gap's spring presentation this morning was light and cheery, we were still haunted by memories of last night's Tropical Storm Hanna. Patrick Robinson was toiling away in a windowless room last night when the storm hit. "Was there a hurricane?" he laughed. "I didn't even notice." Photographer Scott Schuman, better known as the Sartorialist, made his assistant tote around umbrellas so they could keep taking fashionista-on-the-street portraits. "I just shot and tried to keep the camera dry," Schuman said. "I had an excuse, if I didn't have enough pictures for — 'It's raining!' But I think I came up with some pretty good stuff. I like that kind of crazy combination of people still dressed, you know, running in the rain." Tory Burch did the unthinkable when she was stranded in the downpour: She took off her shoes and walked home barefoot, "which I never, ever do," she blurted out quickly. [Ed. note: To be fair, one of your Cut editors totally did the same thing, weeping all the way.]

Burch should have followed Nina Garcia's lead and ditched the flats for vertigo-inducing heels. She was at the Rock & Republic show when it started pouring last night. "The tents were moving," she said. "I wear very, very high shoes, so they're not ruined. I've learned that it's about the biggest platforms you have so that you can go over the water." As we tried in vain to get our sweaty bangs off our face, we asked how she keeps her cool during the Fashion Week. "Eat! People need to eat!" We must have looked skeptical, because she added, "I always find time to eat. Otherwise, then I really wither and get really exhausted. Keep your energy and eat something." She's looking at you, Anne Slowey.