Alessandra Facchinetti Almost Out at Valentino?


"4 Minutes to Save the World" should be the theme song of Paris Fashion Week. Just the part where Madonna goes, "tick tock tick tock." Because another major house could be counting down to a designer shake-up. After we told you earlier today that Martin Margiela might quit designing after his twentieth-anniversary show tonight, rumors are swirling that Alessandra Facchinetti might be sacked at Valentino after her show on Thursday. Fashion Week Daily reports that top editors and industry insiders have heard this is her last show for the house. She succeeded Valentino after he retired at the beginning of the year and presented her first ready-to-wear collection at February Fashion Week to lukewarm reviews. Her couture collection, on the other hand, was praised. The Daily reports:

"Alessandra," said a well-placed Valentino insider, "paves the way for Valentino's successor to 'save' the iconic house." As for that successor? Talk has centered squarely on Giambattista Valli, another beloved Italian designer with an abundance of Valentino-esque aesthetics and a growing celebrity following. "He makes perfect sense," said one luxury retailer. "After all, we have to sell these clothes."

While a Valentino spokesperson would not comment on Giambattista Valli, she referred to the rumors that Thursday's show could be Facchinetti's last as "inconsistent."

Goodness, what does that even mean, Valentino spokesperson? We'd be so uneasy if we were Alessandra right about now. Maybe her show on Thursday can save her.

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