Anne Hathaway, Worried for Her Appearance, Deserts Marc Jacobs After-Party


Anne Hathaway may have starred in The Devil Wears Prada, but she's not getting caught up in Fashion Week. We chatted with her at the Marc Jacobs after-party — after she skipped the designer's show. But she had a good reason: "I was at the U.S. Open men's final, very fashionable excuse," she said. "I'm sure Marc understands … I was sitting in a great seat. You don't get the idea from television the way the ball curves. It's physics, sweaty men, action, all of the above." The only show she's seeing is Marchesa. ("My stalwart.") And Hathaway left the party early to get her beauty rest. She was getting photographed for Newsweek and was a tad nervous. "I trust everyone else to airbrush," she said. "Newsweek, I think you've got to go in assuming they'll print your photograph exactly as you look. I'm getting a good sleep. I'm not taking any chances."