At ‘Coco Chanel’ Premiere, Phillip Bloch Tells of Being Foreclosed Upon


Talking fashion and fiscal conservatism last night at Lifetime's Coco Chanel premiere seemed only fitting — after all, the preeminent Parisian haute couture designer did famously say that "Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress." Stylist–designer–reality-TV star Phillip Bloch told us that the struggling economy has hit close to home, literally: "I'm a victim of the housing market," he said. "I have a few properties that I didn't plan on having," because his parents left him two properties when they passed away — one of which was subsequently foreclosed on. The house, in Fort Myers, Florida, lost half its value in just three years. "It was very sad. I've never had something like that happen to me," Bloch said. "It was very, very traumatic." The environment, meanwhile, is also a concern. "I'm all about green. I shut the water off when I brush my teeth; I never take extra plastic bags. You know, if you're getting a sandwich, a soda, something you can carry in your bag, carry a knapsack with you at all times." A knapsack, Phillip? Really? "Carry a chic bag with you and put everything in it," he corrected himself. There you go.