At Erin Fetherston Show, Wiedemann, Yaeger, and Boardman Weigh In on Palin Men


Not everyone obsesses exclusively over Levi Johnston, a.k.a. Sex on Skates. "I think Track's hot, I think Levi's hot, and the husband's hot," the inimitable (and apparently insatiable) Mickey Boardman told us at Erin Fetherston's show yesterday. Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann demurred on the question of the Palin hotness scale: "Um, I think that those are private family matters … okay, just kidding. I think Obama is cuter than any of them, so boo on them." Lynn Yaeger, meanwhile, finds a certain draw in the First Dude: "I like that sort of sad poet with the mohawk in Wasilla. But I know he's not for me because he races snowmobiles, and my family's Jewish, so we don't do anything like that. He's better off with Sarah." So where does Yaeger expect to find love? "Honey, I am the queen of 70 percent off. I do everything — the places, the timing, the stalking, the begging, the pleading, the buying and returning and the rebuying," she explained, by way of introducing the latest object of her affection. "You know that Comme des Garçons coat with the heart-shaped cutouts and the lips and everything this season? It's in every store, and I know nobody's going to buy it. I know it's waiting for me. We have a date in December, and I'm in no hurry." Boardman chimed in: "There's a lot of romance. It's not just a one-night stand with shopping for Lynn and me. You see it from across the room, figure out how it's going to work, you're falling in love. It's not just wham, bam, thank you, ma'am."