At ThreeAsFour, Sean Lennon Says He Loves Animals: Eating Them, Wearing Them, Having Them As Pets


Backstage yesterday at the ThreeAsFour show, we caught up Sean Lennon, who wore a magisterial women's coat with gold buttons and a top hat decorated with Native American bands. His girlfriend, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, wore a coyote headdress. "I got it from, like, these weird mountain men in Wyoming," he explained. "The guy we bought it from said he hadn't seen any people since the last, like, mountain-men meeting, which was … a year before. He was like, 'I live in nature, in the woods, I don't see any people. I'm so happy to talk to you guys.' There were 100 teepees in a field." So Lennon is cool with fur? "I'm certainly not against fur if they're hunting it themselves and wearing it to clothe themselves and their children in mountainous areas. You know what I mean?" He went on: "I feel like most people that criticize fur are wearing leather shoes, so that bothers me. I love animals. I have pets. I love to have them as pets. I love to eat animals, and I love to wear them. I feel that's okay for me as a human being. Yeah, it's been that way for thousands of years."