At Y-3, Vincent Gallo Explains His Attraction to the Palin Daughters


When we asked Vincent Gallo what he thinks about Sarah Palin, he lashed out about a Gawker post that he found offensive. “Gawker had some slut named Molly Friedman who quoted that I made some sexual gestures toward her [Palin’s] young daughters. What I said was that they’re a very handsome family. I said that I thought she, her husband, and her children were very handsome, and that the idea of them being the vice-presidential family was delightful in my mind,” Gallo told us at the Y-3 show on Sunday. “They said that I insinuated that I found them sexy. And I never said that,” he insisted. “I said they were a handsome family, and I found her watching her youngest daughter holding the baby very sweet and cute.” Gallo told us how the whole mix-up happened. “The girl who wrote for Gawker was some drunk young girl smoking like a truck driver, some club chick, and she was like eavesdropping on somebody else that I was talking to. I was offended that Gawker would accuse me of something that would be illegal. And I found it shocking that they would send out, like a club whore like that to do their work.” What else about “whores”? “If [Palin] was a left-wing whore, it would be fine that she had kids and a job. Because she’s a good American and a fine, respectable woman, it has somehow infuriated the Socialist media.” He added, perhaps unnecessarily, “That’s how I feel.”