Betsey Johnson: Pirates! Cupcakes! Gold Coins That Threaten Models!


A few notes on Betsey Johnson's show: The event started with the lady of the hour hitting the runway with her two adorable grandchildren, which sent the crowd wild — she promptly handed them off to their mother, sitting at the front-row tables, and skipped offstage. Models were predictably jovial and sassy, but none so much as Liam McMullan, who strutted down the catwalk no less than three times dressed as Captain Hook — once by himself, once escorting a handcuffed bride (actually, all the bridal-esque gowns were worn by handcuffed models — subtle message there, Betsey), and once skipping with a bag of gold coins (gelt?), which he tossed about the runway and into the front row. Which would've been cool, except that the models who followed this gold-coin act then had to dodge dozens of slippery coins littered about the catwalk, making for a few slight dodges and wobbles. Also, on the matter of Liam's pirate costume: It didn't do much to conceal some wild upper-back hair. Someone help this guy out? And after the show, several of the cupcakes on the front-row tables were left sadly untouched (at right). For shame!