Brandy Unrestrained at Tracy Reese


If designers need a front-row celebrity cheerleader, call Brandy. As in Moesha and "The Boy Is Mine." We haven't seen her in a while, but she looked great in the front row of Tracy Reese this afternoon. She ditched the blonde-gone-wrong hair and wore a smile that never left her face. With eyes as big as a cartoon bunny, she was in utter awe of everything that walked down the runway. She was the exact opposite of the industry people who work extra hard to be cool cucumbers in the front row. She got so excited at one point that she dared to bounce in her seat and snap her fingers. When the music picked up, Brandy sang along and waved her hands. She even talked to models, telling one in a purple pastel floral, mid-walk, "You go, girl!"