Britney and Rihanna Stun at the VMAs, But in Very Different Ways


All that free Champagne and Chambord at Fashion Week finally caught up to us last night, so we skipped the parties to watch a very different kind of fashion parade on the tube: the Video Music Awards. We're glad we stayed in because seeing Britney not only functioning in society (if you can call the VMAs that) but looking so well and radiant warmed our hearts. However we felt peeved that the celebrities we were hoping to see on our front rows were all the way over in La La Land. At least now that the awards are over, they can come to New York where they ought to be (ahem, Michael Phelps and Rihanna). Just to give you a little West Coast flavor with your giant New York Fashion Week entrée, we've composed a fashion yearbook of the glittery West Coast spectacle, including Rihanna, Michael Phelps, Christina Aguilera, and more! First up: Britney Spears.