Economic Hardships Discussed at Miss Sixty


How is the economy affecting folks in attendance at yesterday's Miss Sixty show? Perhaps we should've known better, but we had to ask. Wichy Hassan, Miss Sixty's creative director: "I really don't care about the money because otherwise it would be a sad collection." (He's Italian and getting half off on everything in the U.S.) Ugly Betty's Becki Newton noted that her television character, Amanda, wouldn't be caught dead wearing the same thing twice, but that in real life, she has to be more practical: "I think there's no shame in mixing it up, wearing accessories again. I plan on wearing these [Gucci fringe] boots every single day to justify how much they actually cost." Perry Ferrell, who showed up in a supertight pair of red, size 0 women's jeans, got a little sentimental. "I could care less about money. It just floats around, you know what I mean? If I can get there, I get there. If I can't afford it, try next year. I've lived in my car, I've lived out on the beach, I'd take showers down by the beach. It sounds terrible, but it's a really good life." Finally, Blake Lively is getting in touch with her frugal side. "I try to save energy, which saves money? The cheaper lightbulbs are the green lightbulbs, so I filled my house with those. I do splurge, though, on shoes. I shouldn't be talking too much about saving money."