Form’s New Artistic Director: Tara Subkoff

Tara Subkoff Photo: Getty Images

It's been said Tara Subkoff wishes she'd never sold the Imitation of Christ label she founded. But though she no longer helms her own line, she'll still put on a show this Fashion Week — or at least she'll help with one, as Form just announced Subkoff will serve as artistic director of its spring/summer 2009 show. Now, on the matter of Form: It's the label designed by Project Runway season five's first castoff, Jerry Tam. (We don't know about you, but the serial-killer costume that earned him the boot is still as fresh in our minds as our three-day-weekend hangover.) Tam and Subkoff got to know each other when Tam interned for Subkoff at Imitation of Christ. "I had no idea that [Jerry] would have so much respect for me that he would bring me on board! It's so great to be able to support one of my first interns at such a crucial time. Feels karmic and cosmic," Subkoff says in a press release. It is a surprising pairing to us, too. We never would have expected her to make a runway comeback with a Runway castoff/her ex-intern. Not that there's anything wrong with Form, but we kind of expected her to align with bigger potatoes. Maybe she really does miss the biz.