Foxy Brown Gets Alexander Wang to Booty-Shake at After-Party


We caught Foxy Brown after her performance at Alexander Wang after-party at Cortlandt Alley last night, her first show in NYC since being released from Rikers Island earlier this year. Decked out in a custom fuchsia Alexander Wang dress, Foxy treated the sweaty crowd to some of the best of Il Na Na, and Wang to some stage time. "The highlight was fucking Alexander doing the fucking booty shake what your mama gave ya! That was fly," Foxy told us. “So you're right at home at Fashion Week?” we asked the Park Slope native. "It feels so good," Foxy said. "Karl said to me, and also Marc … they all said to me that they never saw a little black girl that was so interested in couture and haute couture. I would be in our house, with the brush singing and [my mom's] fur coats. And her high-heeled slippers … my mom has an Hermès Birkin bag from back in the day that I rock now and is sicker than any bag ever. Fashion is totally embedded in me."

So, what's next for Foxy? There's the VH1 reality show, the cameras for which were on hand last night. There's the book, Broken Silence. And, of course, the album, Black Roses, which drops Christmas Eve. "I don't want to talk about it too much. It's a lot different," Foxy said. "It definitely shows the evolution and the maturation of Foxy Brown. I was considered the nerd kid in school, but I always just loved the gangsta guys. So I always had the best of both worlds. [For] this album, I'm going to integrate my culture — I'm West Indian, I'm Caribbean. I'm from Trinidad, so you hear a lot of my songs have the reggae influence. So this whole album is about change. But it's not going to be a different Foxy Brown. I'm still the same chick, muthafucka."