Fug Girls: Not Even Lacoste Can Cheer Andy Roddick


When we got to Bryant Park this morning, we were greeted by a cheerful horde of Rock the Vote employees, registering fashionistas — and one adorable little old lady — to vote. We suspect if Andy Roddick had been allowed to cast a ballot on whether to actually show up at Lacoste, he would have punched the "no" chad with enthusiasm.

Fresh off yesterday's tough loss at the U.S. Open quarterfinals, Roddick looked understandably bummed (albeit cute) in the front row, staring off into the distance and barely smiling when fiancée Brooklyn Decker spoke to him. We assume she was trying to jolly him out of his funk but was having no luck. The Lacoste folks attempted to shield him from nosy, tennis-related questions, since both photos and interviews seemed to be somewhat restricted. Roddick did, however, manage to work up a charming smile and some chitchat when introduced to a clearly starstruck little girl. Hey, so he's not going to replace Roger Federer on Anna Wintour's arm this year. As long as the teenyboppers are still writing "Mrs. Andy Roddick" on their Pee Chee folders, all is not lost.

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