If You Meet Manolo Blahnik Tomorrow, Don’t Wear Platforms


On Friday you can buy the shoes that brought Carrie and Big together forever at Bergdorf Goodman. Those famous blue satin pumps with the glitzy pilgrim buckles will officially go on sale (and just set you back $924). Even better, Manolo Blahnik himself will be on the sales floor at 3 p.m. to sign shoes. You might want to try to avoid freaking out if you meet him, though, because it sounds like ravenous fans don't exactly turn him on. When a New York Times reporter told him Bergdorf has received more than 100 requests from customers wanting to buy the shoes, he replied, "Oh, good Lord … I think that’s quite obscene.” He also doesn't try to follow trends. "I don’t do shoes for fashion, really. I do what I want to do," he told the Times. You know what else he doesn't do? Platforms. “I’ve never seen such ugly shoes in my life. I thought they were démodé in the 1980s. They are getting absolutely funkier and horrid now." After their runway snafus this Fashion Week, Abbey Lee, Arlenis Sosa, and Chanel Iman might agree.

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