Taylor Momsen’s Shocking Style Evolution: From Girlie Tween to Goth Glamour Girl


Oh, little Jenny Humphrey — er, Taylor Momsen! The charming 15-year-old Gossip Girl actress must be swept up in discovering herself, fashion sense included. Because earlier this week at a M.A.C-sponsored Fashion Week kickoff dinner at Café Select downtown, the little cherub was all choppy bangs and kohl-rimmed eyes, wearing a very black, very severe Dolce & Gabbana frock. This marked Momsen's second Joan Jett–inspired party outfit in as many weeks: Last week she wore a black leather-jacket ensemble with smoky eyes for a Henri Bendel event. For those of us accustomed to the smiley schoolgirl's onscreen knee socks and frilly, pastel-intense party dresses (now, of yore), it was a little startling. But at Café Select, she said she's obsessed with Alexander Wang and D&G's edgy offerings. And canary-yellow minidresses she's worn to parties past aside, Momsen claims she's always preferred to dress on the dark side. "I don't think I ever wore anything tacky. I always wear dark colors."

Then again, maybe it's all an elaborate life-imitating-art thing, since Momsen also hinted that her Gossip Girl character is headed for White Oleander territory: "Jenny goes through a giant transformation this season — from the Jenny you know to a completely different person." Ooooh! Still, let's keep a watchful eye on this (predictably?) unpredictable 15-year-old: Many months before the entire world flipped their wig over Miley Cyrus's bare back in Vanity Fair, the media barely batted an eyelash when Momsen, then just 14, graced the cover of this mag in her skivvies.