It’s Not Sexist to Talk About Hillary Clinton’s Mango Pantsuit


• Spring collections have a breezy feel and lots of bright colors as designers attempt to turn out unique pieces to lure customers to stores in this dour economic climate. [AP]

• Robin Givhan: "It is not sexist to have noticed that Sen. Hillary Clinton delivered her convention speech dressed in head-to-toe mango. Only an obstinately unaware person would have ignored this question: Senator, why are you dressed like a tropical fruit? One assumes it was to ensure an eye-catching photo for the history books and to underscore her 'sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits' legacy." [WP]

Thom Browne's friend read him all the Sarah Palin news over lunch one day. A source says, "Thom kept laughing and saying what an idiot she is. Then he was saying how Republicans are evil — and badly dressed! He started saying how Sarah is the worst-dressed woman on the planet and a total moron. He was really making fun of her." [NYP]

Tyra Banks is one of the top-paid women in television with a $23 million salary. [NYDN]

• OMG Chanel Iman and music producer Ryan Leslie are still going around town together. Are they dating?! We're just dying to know. [Fashionologie]