Jay-Z's Rocawear Sued for Trademark Infringement


I Will Not Lose LLC is a small apparel company based in Georgia, established in 2004. "I will not lose" is also the tagline for Jay-Z's Rocawear clothing label. Last week I Will Not Lose LLC filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the Iconix-owned Rocawear brand for using the phrase. See, the Rocawear website is located at www.iwillnotlose.org, Rocawear's YouTube channel includes the phrase, and "I will not lose" appears in Rocawear's print ads. DNR reports:

According to I Will Not Lose LLC, the fame and reach of the rapper and Iconix have led consumers to states of “reverse confusion” resulting in the belief its goods are Rocawear knockoffs.

Now, I Will Not Lose LLC trademarked its name in 2006. But "I will not lose" is the closing lyric Jay-Z rapped in the song "Change The Game" on his 2000 album, “The Dynasty: Roc La Familia.” So, too bad Jay-Z didn't trademark the phrase eight years ago. And ironically, when all's said and done, someone will lose.

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