Jocks Inspire High Spirits in Anna Wintour at LeBron James Party


Like love, sometimes Anna Wintour appears when least expected — like at LeBron James's charity event at the Polo Mansion last night. And love seemed to be what she was radiating: Adrift in a sea of burly athletes, she wore an easy smile in place of the usual runway death scowl and chatted in an animated way with the party's fashionista-friendly couple, David Lauren and Lauren Bush. (At a display counter nearby, Teen Vogue's Lisa Love, Wintour Lite from The Hills, stood awkwardly waiting.) We took advantage of A-Dub's evidently good spirits and asked her about Fashion Week — in a Continental lilt: "It seems … even more packed than usual. But I'm very impressed by how optimistic and fun a lot of the collections are" — when David Lauren interrupted to show Anna a special "Purple Label" basketball made for the event. "Oh wow!" she said, giggling girlishly as she palmed the ball. "Will he [LeBron James] sign it to me?" We then asked about overly skinny models and not enough models of color and seemed to ruin the brief, shining moment: "Well, I've spoken on the record about that many times." Suggesting the name of a Condé Nast publicist to call, Anna then disappeared back into the crowd.