Keith Richards and Daughters Talk Sperm, Rule-Breaking at Liv Tyler’s Party


We spotted Keith Richards holding court among some younger women last night at Liv Tyler's cocktail party for the Hearts on Fire jewelry line at the Rose Bar. He'd dropped by to support his two daughters, Theodora and Alexandra, who were D.J.-ing. When asked if he could talk for a moment last night, the geriatric rock star replied, "What's a moment? A diamond is forever." And so we talked jewelry. He pointed at small silver handcuffs, made by friends, that he was wearing. "This is a reminder to never get arrested again," he said. "They're not real, they don't make them out of silver — I had them made."

Though his brushes with the law are the stuff of legend, Theodora later assured us that he's "very good at rules." What kind of rules? "No singing at the dinner table. We kind of overdid it back in the day." Alexandra countered: "No, I was always allowed to sing. I don't know what she's talking about. I was a bad singer." "Well, fathers give rules and she breaks them," said Theodora. "She breaks them, but I didn't." As a classic rock family, she told us, they were often singing songs by Ray Charles and Hollies. "It really wasn't my choice," she continued. "We were sperm. We were very victorious sperm. Did you know this? You made it to your mother's egg. So did I. So, we are all victorious sperm."