Kelly Cutrone Reveals Where to Find Hot, Straight Australian Men This Fashion Week


People's Revolution owner and Hills star Kelly Cutrone knows how to keep her employees happy. Aside from a sizable salary (she says they often make over $85K), she makes sure her staffers aside from Whitney Port are taken care of when it comes to gentlemen. "I set up my girls all the time," she said at last night's Keith Lissner showcase when we asked how scripted Whitney's setup with the male model was. "I would never be on a TV show that was scripted like that," she said. "I'm so bad at relationships personally, so it gives me great pleasure to see some other woman who's a little younger than me and not so far ahead in their career to possibly have a shot at love." As for how well those setups have worked out, Cutrone laughed. "I mean, they hook it up. They're power girls … It's usually short-lived but fruitful."

Cutrone should have plenty more opportunities to find beaus for her staffers during Fashion Week, especially at her favorite party, the Supre Outback BBQ. "It's run by guys who are straight, so they're already part of the game in the design world. They're from Australia, they like to surf, they've had incredible relationships with really hot sexy rock-star models, so who wouldn't want a guy like that with a multi-million-dollar company? And they'll be cooking outback-style all day. It goes for seven hours, so by 7 or 8 p.m. — because it starts at 4 p.m. — it's going to be a good, dirty party." We want to go!