Ladies Love Sean Avery, Photographers Don’t at Narciso’s Show


Last night at Narciso Rodriguez's show, we were treated to our first Sean Avery sighting. Joy! We almost missed him sitting in the front row (the standard ex–Vogue intern placement) since he kept quite the low profile, clad in jeans and plain zip-up black jacket. Down the runway a few yards, however, photographers and reporters descended on Claire Danes and Jessica Alba like starving vultures. You'd think they were the only two pretty girls in dresses they'd seen all week. Meanwhile several women industry types greeted Avery joyously, planting kisses on his cheek. Yes, planting — air separated not lip from skin (one kissed him at least three times in this manner during their brief chat). We noticed maybe one photographer came over to snap Avery's picture during the entire 30 or so minutes he idled on the front row waiting for the show to start. Indeed, he's not even showing up on the photo wires this morning. Everyone missed him! After the show we attempted to catch up to him to banter about Fashion Week and hockey. Sadly, we didn't quite reach him in the crush but got pretty close to the back of his head. And while he might not have had an especially fashion-forward outfit on, his hairdo was more so. We noticed the sides of his head were shaved so that it looked like he had a stripe down the middle of his head. Subtle yet bold. Way to take a risk, Avester.