Lead Marc Jacobs Model Jamie Bochert on Her Buzz-Making Comeback


People have been buzzing about the mysterious opening model at the Marc Jacobs show Monday night. We caught up with Jamie Bochert, who scored the coveted slot by working with Jacobs as a fit model, and asked her all sorts of personal questions. Bochert, who dates actor-musician Michael Pitt, quit modeling five years ago to play music. She was living off the residuals of a Calvin Klein perfume commercial, but now says she will return to working as a model. “I felt good about stopping at the time,” she told us. “Now I feel more comfortable in my body, and it’s better … I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do yet, but I am going to Paris to do my friend Ann’s show — Ann Demeulemeester — and maybe some other shows. I want to try to play a gig while I’m there.”

She said this time around she will utilize her fashionable connections to draw attention to her career as a musician. “I was always apprehensive about mixing music with fashion because I felt like I didn’t want people to think that I was using that to try to get something, but I’m realizing that I can really use it and the traveling to get my music out there, and I’m not really afraid of doing that anymore.” How did the opening slot come about? “In the middle of working on the collection, Marc asked me if I would be interested in doing the show, and I said I would love to,” she explains. “Then the day before the show, at my fitting, he told me that I was opening, and everyone was kind of like, ‘What?!’ and I was like ‘Are you fucking kidding me?’ and he was like ‘No, I picked it myself!’” Some of the shock remains. “I’m still recovering — I still have bleached eyebrows, put it that way. I went grocery shopping yesterday, and people were looking at me like a crazy woman.”