Lisa Lampanelli at ‘The Women ’ Screening: See You Next Tuesday!


Foul-mouthed comedian Lisa Lampanelli says she's cleaning up her act. The Queen of Mean shared this surprising news with us when we ran into her at last night's Cinema Society/Nars screening of The Women ("a movie about a bunch of c---s") and asked her about the one-hour stand-up special she'll be taping for HBO in November. "I'm cutting down my cursing a little only because I want to get nominated for a Grammy again," she said. (Her album Dirty Girl got the nod last year.)  "But then my subject matter, though, is much edgier."  What will she be taking on? "Oh, rape, incest, AIDS." She paused, thoughtful. "I feel, you know, we all have to laugh. Because honestly, in all seriousness, if you can't laugh at everything about the world, then you're going to sit home and cry." Or, we suppose, sit home and perfect your imitation of a blind person — “because blind people look like freaks, let's be honest.”