Maison Martin Margiela Wigs Out and We Love


We haven't had too many holy-crap moments yet this season, though we held out hope for London (sigh). Who knew that the crazy conceptual show of spring 2009 would be in Paris? Maison Martin Margiela, amid rumors of the designer's impending resignation, celebrated its twentieth anniversary with a show that cheekily and beautifully looked back at itself. Though Margiela claimed this wouldn't be a retrospective, it most certainly was. From his white lab coat to the Edwardian-shouldered jacket (with some updates, of course), we were reminded of what we love about the designer. But this being Margiela, nothing was too serious. The models came out with faces obscured, or left the photographers with nothing but back or leg shots. And then there's the matter of the wigs. Though Margiela's been a fan of wigs since 2005, he turned the volume on high yesterday. The girls came out with hair covering their faces or giant afros on backward, and jackets made from — what else? — wigs. How did it end? With a giant fabric cake (held up with two sets of legs) skulking down the runway, a marching band, confetti, and the design team in lab coats. What, you expected just a bow? Puh-leeze. Let's hope this isn't the last collection from the designer, but if it is, what a way to go.

See a slideshow of the spring 2009 Maison Martin Margiela collection.
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