Male ‘Project Runway’ Vets Swear by Panty Liners


The most valuable lesson Jack Mackenroth and Kevin Christiana learned from last season's Project Runway didn't have anything to do with speed sewing or "making it work." "If we're sweaty, we put panty liners under our arms, so [we] don't sweat," Mackenroth said last night at Gen Art's "Fresh Faces in Fashion" at the Manhattan Center. "I learned that from my roommates on the show," Christiana chimed in. "At one point, I had the cameras actually on me, and I dropped my notepad and all the panty liners fell out. And I had to clean them up real fast." Added Mackenroth: "You've got to get the ones with the sticky side, so you can stick them onto your clothes." (He recommends Always brand panty liners in the purple box.) And they have reason to perspire: The two season-four competitors are working on a new redesign reality show — "kind of Queer Eye, well, one queer meets Project Runway," in Mackenroth's words — that they're pitching to networks like WE, Oxygen and TLC in October. But they've had enough time to watch this season's Project Runway: Mackenroth's top two picks are Leanne and Korto. Both Mackenroth and Christiana loved the Olympic challenge, although "I think they butchered it," Christiana said. "A linen jumpsuit with a leather vest for the Olympics?" Mackenroth asked. "I know. Would you wear that?"