Celebs Battle to Enter the Marc Jacobs Party


Marc Jacobs's party philosophy is usually populist, with absolutely no separation between the famous and civilians. Last night, however, was different. The venue was smaller than usual and filled up before Jacobs arrived. Lines stretched down the block. And VIPs were sequestered in a separate outdoor dining room, which meant there was yet another strict door policy to maneuver around once you got inside. To hear the celebs talk about it, they might as well have brought dueling pistols and swords. "There was a scuffle over there," said John Cameron Mitchell. "This woman tried to hit me!" said Michael Pitt. "She was like, 'Fuck you!' when we were coming in here." Elijah Wood, sipping red wine in the cramped confines of the VIP room, recounted a traumatic journey. After waiting outside for twenty minutes, he met photographer Ellen von Unwerth in line. "I gave her a kiss because I'm such a huge fan of hers. And then at that moment we were shoved forward so we got ahead in line and I felt so guilty at that moment. I thought, Fuck! Was I supposed to have, like, grabbed her too?"