‘Men’s Vogue’ Knows What Men Want


Men's Vogue is onto something: It needs more readers. Therefore it's trying to define itself, if you will, so the average man knows what distinguishes Mogue from other men's lifestyle magazines. So in November it will debut a new tagline, "Style is how you live." Mogue editor Jay Fielden told WWD, "Men like a good motto, and I’m one of them." He continued, "I still feel that there are a number of people out there that haven’t discovered the mag. One thing people remember when meeting someone new is a clever line of introduction. I think this one will win us a bunch of new friends.” We thought our proposed tagline, "Because being a little gay is still straight," was more clever (and fitting), but we can't win 'em all! The magazine will also introduce a feature called the "MV Scorecard," which Fielden calls a cross between "Consumer Reports and the Michelin Guide." It will rank things like wine, accessories, clothing, sporting goods, and political pundits so readers know what to spend their money on (if they have any left after this Wall Street mess). Apparently not all recommended products are expensive. So maybe the tagline should have been, "You can still afford the stuff in here." That we'd remember. We've already forgotten what they decided to go with and we're not even hung-over.