More Celebrity Fashion Spotting!


All week we've squeezed our feet into four-inch heels, trotted around in rain storms, fought off rabid seat stealers, and got into it with some PR gals. All so we could scope out the celebs hunkered down in the front row. (What, you thought we went for the clothes?) But we know not all of you can have such glamorously fun lives (note the sarcasm — if you saw our blisters, you'd understand our pain). So we present a gallery of what the stars wore, courtesy of In Style. Ogle them, envy them, ponder whether Taylor Momsen actually just got gum stuck in her hair. (Extensions, sweet pea, extensions.) We were riveted by all the polka dots worn. Hypnotic. See for yourself.

Star Style Trends at NY Fashion Week [In Style]