Posh’s New Do Looks Awfully Familiar


It's not unusual for people to reinvent themselves during Fashion Week. (See Jacquetta Wheeler's platinum locks and Leighton Meester's newly refreshed look.) But when Posh made an entrance at Marc Jacobs last night, boy did phones start ringing. It's not that we haven't seen this look before — everyone from Halle Berry to Michelle Williams have gone pixie cute. But for some reason, Posh evokes more of a Rosemary's Baby vibe than her short-hair counterparts did. Maybe it's just her wily ways. Of course, the big question is, can Posh pull this look off? Normally, we'd say, without a doubt. It's Victoria freakin' Beckham! She can do whatever she wants! But we miss her old coif. And speaking from experience, Vicky, that's one bitch of a cut to grow out. But hey, if Halle and Mia survived, you can too, right?