Reality TV a ‘Necessary Part’ of the Fashion-Magazine Business Model


Fashion reality shows aren't going anywhere anytime soon. (Which is just fine by us, thank you very much.) Ad Age reports, "TV or online-video presence is fast becoming a necessary part of a fashion magazine's business model." Just look at the numbers: Since Elle signed on to Project Runway in 2004, its ad pages increased so much it went from No. 6 in its category to No. 2, with Vogue at No. 1. However, Elle's ad pages for September rose 6.6 percent, while Vogue's fell 7.1 percent from 2007. Nonetheless, Vogue's new online reality show Model.Live, which earned more than 1 million video streams, has boosted its revenue, while, according to publisher Tom Florio, "maintaining the integrity of Vogue and the industry it covers." [Ad Age]