Rodarte Door Girls Didn’t Recognize Italian ‘Vogue’ Editor


That model fall wasn't the only blunder at the Rodarte show. Door girls failed to recognize Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani. A showgoer writes: "Anna [Wintour] and daughter Bee [Shaffer] of course just saunter right in … the staff girl lets them right through the rope inbetween the standing room line and the photographers line. Then, just a few minutes later, Franca Sozzani comes (and she looking stunning … she was wearing a slate grey, voluminous skirted trench (it was raining), raw edged lapels … she looked incredibly chic), anyway, Franca comes up to the same staff girl, shows her her invite and the girl says, 'oh, can you go to the other door, that's the door for seating.'" Ouch, door girls. Ouch. [Fashion Spot via Fashionologie]