Sean Avery’s Next Stop: Reality TV!


Some time ago Sean Avery was spotted in the fashion closet at Marie Claire's offices. We thought maybe the former Vogue intern had spilled a beverage on André Leon Talley and needed a new fashion magazine at which to hang his Alexander McQueen fedora (you know he has one). But perhaps he was just ironing out the details for his reality-TV debut on Marie Claire's new docudrama, Running With Heels, which the New York Post reports began filming last week. Apparently our darling Sean met with the magazine's editor-in-chief, Joanna Coles, to discuss getting a piece of the Heels pie, and the conversation was taped for the show. And here we've been trying to figure out why he hasn't come knocking on the Cut's door for an internship! You know, Sean, if we hire you, we bet we can work something out with Bravo. We'll even give you an extra-large cubicle all for yourself. And maybe, just maybe, a lunch break. Granted, you'd have to take it with us.

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