Simon Doonan Feels for Levi Johnston, Thinks Sarah Palin Is a Fake


We ran into Simon Doonan on his home turf, at Barneys' launch party for André Benjamin’s menswear line, Benjamin Bixby, last night. Doonan called rapper-actor-designer (and Atlanta native) Benjamin a “real southern gentleman.” So we asked what him what he thinks about that northerner in the news, Sarah Palin. “Oh, she is so LensCrafters I just don’t even know where to begin. People keep saying to me, ‘She’s Miss Congeniality.’ I’m seeing more LensCrafters,” Doonan told us. And it wasn't just a snap: Doonan says he heard that Palin actually had Lasik surgery years ago and wears eyeglasses to give her some gravitas. (We have no idea if this is true.) “The eyewear is just like, ‘I’m a serious, thinking kind of woman,’” Doonan insisted. “So she really is like the LensCrafters lady.” The knocked-up daughter, meanwhile, truly makes Palin seem “more real.” But Doonan worries for baby daddy Levi Johnston: “I feel bad for that hockey youth who’s now being told what to wear, where to walk, how to stand, etc., Boy, did he get sideswiped.”