Designers, Please Make Less-Scary Shoes


This show season is shaping up to be one of the most fall-tastic yet. Which is ironic because we're looking at spring clothes. WE KILL OURSELVES. In all seriousness, we're glad we're not runway models this show round because it seems more of the girls have fallen or stumbled than ever before. And let's face it — falling on a runway in front of the world's most glamorous people is the worst thing that could possibly happen to an adolescent girl. Ever. After two girls fell and others suffered tragic stumbles at Prada earlier this week, a model stumbled three times at Pucci yesterday. She managed not to fall down, according to the Canadian Press. But after runway spills at Rodarte and stumbles at Peter Som and BCBG we are putting our flat-clad foot down and speaking out on behalf of those poor, possibly humiliated young girls. Designers, help these possibly bruised girls out. It's cruel to send them out in shoes they can't walk in, not to mention socially awkward. But also, think of your customer. Because if models — who are trained to strut — can't walk in your heels, what hope do we mere mortals have? Our lives are already filled with enough potential embarrassment.

Pucci finds print-design harmony in show at Milan fashiono week [Canadian Press]
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