The Fashion Week Ubiquity Awards


We don't often think of Fashion Week as a trade show, like the kosher-foods trade show or the kitchen-and-bath-remodeling trade show. But that's really what it is. That's also why it's so strange that half the fun of Fashion Week is ogling the celebrities who attend. They have very little real business being there when you think about it, but seldom do weeks emerge on the calendar when so many opportunities for shameless self-promotion abound. This season we decided to honor eleven men and women who took the most advantage of Fashion Week's hundreds of self-exposure opportunities. We left off well-known editors and buyers — anyone for whom attending Fashion Week is part of his or her job (discounting, that is, a guest avatar vlogging on We also focused on fashion shows, rather than parties, but bear in mind the folks who made the most show rounds also hit the party circuit — appropriately, these individuals' omnipresence knew no bounds. To see this season's winners of the Cut's first-ever Ubiquity Awards in no particular order, watch the slideshow.