Thom Browne on Getting Men to Wear Tutus, or at Least Show Their Boxers


Thom Browne has followed up last year's three-legged, two-person pant with a new wave of options for men that include tutus on their jackets, pants meant to be belted around their thighs, and what we think is going to be the hottest trend this spring, skorts, both long and short. And the last look, a tulle-explosion bridal gown for a guy, has been committed to memory for the rest of our lives. Jada Yuan asked Browne to explain himself.

Will we see guys in bridal tulle walking down the street?
I don't know! It's just fantasy.

How much of the show is wearable?
Eighty percent of what you see is what people are sold and what people will buy.

So jackets with tutus are the wave of the future?
The shape of the jacket without the tutu under it is most certainly a new shape that works really well.

When you sell it in stores, does it have a tutu?
I sell it both ways. It's removable.

You had pants being worn hip-hop style with the boxers showing. How did the pants stay up?
They're buttoned to the boxer. They're sold that way … It's a whole take on how kids wear their trousers down here. I always wondered how they kept it up, so I wanted to figure a way how I could give that to my guy.