Usher’s Next Gig: Lingerie Designer


Usher is a lingerie designer. Apparently he thought you might know. At the Dutch lingerie designer Marlies Dekkers's show in Paris yesterday, the singer told WWD, "You may have heard that I might be launching a lingerie line for men and women." We don't know about WWD, but we sure hadn't heard. Usher said some of his designs appear in his new video for "Trading Places." We can imagine what his ladies' lingerie might look like, but a men's lingerie line leads the mind to wander. We Googled men's lingerie and found this site offering boxer briefs with side-zip detail and ass-less manties and a plethora of man thongs on Amazon, including the disturbingly named CoxSox Enhancer Thong. Usher, you have us at the edge of our seats.

Fashion Scoops: UNDER COVER [WWD]