No ‘Vogue’ for Britney Spears


Following Liz Smith's report that noted Vogue photographer Patrick Demarchelier made a special trip to the States from London to photograph Britney Spears, E! Online is reporting the pictures are not for Vogue. Booooo! True, Demarchelier photographs for lots of other places, but we were so excited by the idea that Anna Wintour might make such a crazy cover move. Considering Vogue's flagging newsstand sales and less than stunning covers as of late, it could be a risk-reward move for both of them. Spears landed a Vogue cover only once, for the November 2001 issue. A source told E! that La Wintour "will never put [Spears] on the cover again" because "she's just not a Vogue kind of girl." Oh hooey. If that's really the case, we're putting our faith in Glenda Bailey. We could definitely see Brit on the cover of Harper's Bazaar.

Britney Spears Is Not In Vogue [E!]
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