Adorable Alert: Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone


The Earth can resume its rotation, for Marc Jacobs is back in New York. Whew! Honestly it never feels quite right when he's doing fabulous things in other parts of the world. He's been spotted around town with his boyfriend, Brazilian advertising executive Lorenzo Martone. But the New York Post reports Marc seems "hung up" on his wild-child ex-boyfriend Jason Preston, who's now dating Maroon Five singer Adam Levine's brother Michael.

When the couple showed up to Preston's "Wild & Wild Wednesday" party at Porky's recently, "Marc was glaring at them," said our tipster. "Jason and Michael are really in love and Marc is still meddling in his ex's life."

Additionally, the paper claims Marc was seen bossing Lorenzo around at the movie theater, possibly forcing him to carry his man purse. This all comes as quite a shock to us since we saw Marc at the Cinema Society screening of Madonna's new movie Filth and Wisdom last night and they were effing adorable. So adorable we stopped staring at Madge (in the flesh!) to note how cute they were. Not even in that nauseating way couples who are always touching and looking deeply into each other's eyes sometimes are. Like, just look at the picture of them last night. Could you just die?