The CW Finally Spins Off ‘America’s Next Top Model’


We don't know why someone didn't think of this until eleven cycles in, but the CW is spinning off America's Next Top Model. The new series is called Operation Fabulous (working title, but we hope it sticks) and stars Jay Manuel and Miss J. Alexander. They'll travel the country giving makeovers to lucky participants in each town. Reuters reports:

In various towns, the duo will select five participants and give them "Top Model"-style overhauls — how to dress, wear their hair and makeup and bring out their confidence with the support of family, friends and their community.

The project seeks to capitalize on a fan-favorite "Model" segment, when contestants are given head-to-toe high-fashion makeovers supervised by Alexander.

Sure, we may already have two similar shows starring Tim Gunn and Carson Kressley respectively, but this one is by Tyra Banks! She'll executive-produce the series along with Ken Mok, whom she worked with on America's Next Top Model and forthcoming fashion-magazine-assistant reality show Stylista. And now she has one more mechanism with which to mold the nation's adolescent women in her image. And we thought the economic crisis was scary! If you're brave enough to put yourself in the hands of "J and Jay," the casting call is here.

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