Why Anna Wintour Isn’t Going Anywhere


Last month, the Times ran a rather flattering profile of Russian Vogue editor Aliona Doletskaya, who’s successfully brought a shot of glamour to Putin’s people. The press got itself in a tizzy over Dolteskaya’s rising star, and last week the Post reported that an announcer at a Russian GQ event flat-out referred to Doletskaya as “the next editor of American Vogue.” Well, that’s going to cause a bit of a freak-out! But we don’t believe a word of it, and here’s why: For the last decade we've heard rumors of Anna Wintour's imminent demise, and yet, the ice queen lives to rule another season. But names will always be bandied about; herewith, a rundown of all the other recent would-be usurpers to her throne.