Wrinkles Scare Teens Into Tanning Less; Katy Perry’s Eye Shadow ‘Situation’


When teens learn more about how indoor tanning ruins their appearance as opposed to their health (hello, skin cancer), they are likely to tan less. Of course, capitalize on their insecurities! That's why they're tanning to begin with. [Reuters]

Yves Saint Laurent's Bow Collection debuted just in time for the holidays with black and white nail polish, red gloss, and berry lipsticks. [Bella Sugar]

• Easy there, cowgirl: Katy Perry had an eye-shadow "situation" when she put on three metallic, sparkly shades at once. [Off the Rack/People]

• The waiting list for the Lancôme oscillating mascara reached 13,000, which supposedly shows makeup consumers want to accentuate eyes more than lips. Or maybe it's just "limited-edition quantities." [NYO]

• Tiki Barber, Terry Bradshaw, Chris Daughtry, and Charlie Villanueva tied for Favorite Bald Celebrity in an online sweepstakes. Charlie Villanueva is an NBA athlete, in case you were wondering. [PR Newswire]