Burberry Joins Manhattan’s Iconic Skyline


This news is a little near and dear to our hearts. Our former home, 444 Madison, has finally found a new tenant: Burberry is moving its U.S. headquarters to our old stomping grounds in March. And with said move comes new signage. Yes, the famous New York logo atop the building will be replaced with three Burberry signs. The Times helpfully offers up a rendering of the new signage. In even more exciting news, the label may also open a retail store in the building, though the details aren't finalized. To which we say: Damn! We had to hoof it through throngs of slow-moving tourists to get to Saks and now tenants will just be able to go downstairs? Hmph. We'll console ourselves by hoping that Agyness Deyn stays on our side of Houston.

Burberry’s Name in Lights on the New York Skyline [NYT]