Cathy Horyn’s Brush With the Famous Fall ’08 Balenciaga Dress


Cathy Horyn wrote a lovely blog post about how wonderful it was to try on the Balenciaga dress you see at left, perhaps the most famous look of the fall 2008 season.

On Sunday afternoon I received a call from the Barneys women’s buying office saying my black Balenciaga dress was in. It was heartening to know in these difficult times that somebody wanted to make a sale … I was curious to see and touch it. Owning the dress wasn’t necessarily the objective.

She didn't end up buying the dress because it was too tight but says it was extremely flattering otherwise. So she left it in the store for "someone else to try and maybe buy." We guess someone snatched it up, because when we called Barneys this afternoon, the saleswoman said they were completely out of the dress, asserting they sold out at the trunk show, which was held months ago. This is why it's good to be Cathy Horyn: When she goes to the store with a picture of her favorite impossible-to-get dress, the buying office orders it for her and calls her on a Sunday about it. Granted, Balenciaga might not have any dresses left now since filling fall orders is so last season and they're working on getting resort and spring clothes in stores. So, sorry, normal people! Your chance has passed. But do you have $4,000 lying around to spend on it anyway?

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