Celebrities Say It’s Okay to Dress Like a Slut on Halloween


With Halloween coming up faster than the election, every woman must make a very personal decision. To slut? Or not to slut? When putting together her costume, that is. After season upon season of one slutty Snow White after the other, has the trend finally gotten old? Will it ever get old? According to celebrities at the opening party of the Chanel Mobile Art exhibit in Central Park last night, the answer is no! "Whatever anyone wants to dress up for Halloween — I don't care, it's fine. If a girl finds the need to do it, let her do it, man!" said Albert Hammond Jr. Jackie Astier also said the slut parade should march onward. "If you want to dress like a slut, dress like a slut. Madonna dresses like a slut, and she looks great." Peter Davis chimed in: "Maybe the cutoff age is 50 to dress like a slut. You should stop when you turn 51." And Kate Schelter said she plans to dress up as the same thing she is every year. "Jane Fonda meets Olivia Newton John 'Let's Get Physical.' Hot pink, fuchsia, leotard, spandex pants, Gucci headband, metallic belt, high heels, leg warmers. Fuchsia nails out to here," she said, adding she's fine with girls who dress like sluts. "I think that women should dress that way every day. Why wait for one day a year? Although, disclaimer — I wait to be Jane Fonda one day a year. It's more like an alter ego. It's not like I'm waiting to wear a miniskirt or something," she said. "I wear a miniskirt every day — who cares? I'm wearing a fucking, whatever, a pantsuit tonight." So hear that, ladies? Get your finest push-up bra ready and let loose the cusp of your rear where ass meets thigh. It's Halloween, and the celebrities said so.